IN A LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY, who has time to think? 


Drs. Whitney and Moncure found in their own careers that unanticipated emergency patient treatment protocols are absolutely essential  in any surgical facility. Medical Emergency Training is a necessity.  Having a Medical Emergency Manual at hand is the most effective way to get the right information-fast, when it is needed.

Ambulances do not always arrive in the nick of time and its up to the attending physician to take the right emergency action to save their patient’s life.

In this manual you will find:

  • Detailed step by step response instructions for any and all Medical Emergencies occurring in both the Adult and Pediatric populations
  • Drug dosages for the Adult and Pediatric populations
  • Example EKG rhythm strips for emergency cardiac events
  • Principles and concepts for Electrical Therapy and Airway Management
  • List of the necessary Crash Cart contents
  • Code summary form
  • How to prevent and manage operating room fires
  • A section on the Physiology and Pharmacology of each Medical Emergency
    And much more
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